Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing 2008

Are you enjoying the Games? We are! I have always been a fan of the Olympics. The whole ideal of athletes competing in a spirit of fair play, respect and unity has always got to me. Some of the stories of the hardships overcome are so inspiring. I'm not particularly athletic, but I can appreciate the level of committment and dedication that these individuals have. And that shared look of absolute focus and determination that you see on their faces during competition- just incredible!

And how about our Canadian gymnast Kyle Shewfelt? Read CBC's story and backgrounder on him here, and the London Free Press's article here.

What a role model Kyle is. Our daughters were watching his interview with CBC's Ron MacLean last night- and I was so profoundly grateful that they could listen to a true Canadian hero who really gets what its all about. His attitude towards life is something we all could benefit from. Thanks, Kyle.