Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Grammys

I usually don't pay much attention to award shows, but my girls begged me to allow them to stay up to see The Jonas Brothers. So, here I sit, waiting for The Jonas Brothers to sing, so I can shoo them off to bed.

Actually, I'm kind of enjoying it... U2 rocked. As usual- I mean, is it even possible for them to sound bad? Unless the Edge is edgy for the wrong reasons.

Oh wait... The Jonas Bothers are on with.... STEVIE WONDER!?!?! what the...? Uh-oh, worlds are colliding, Jerry.... OK, one of Stevie's 20 kids must of put him up to this. Whoa. They got a standing ovation. (Let's pause for a moment: What does that say about the audience?)

Now, Justin Timberlake and the Reverend Al Green + Boyz2Men- that's another story! I was completely awed. And I just read on the LA Times live blog that this was an unrehearsed last-minute fill-in spot for the MIA Chris Brown who is being entertained by the LAPD. Maybe that's why it sounded so fanatstic- that it was basically unrehearsed, I mean. Yep, loved, loved, loved the Rev. Not sure about his politics, but the man sure can groove. And Justin has such a boyish impiness that I just want to pinch his cheeks.
(one minute passes as I search for Al Green images on Google)

Now, one kiddo has fallen asleep on the couch, the other is begging to see if the JosBros are going to win the best new artist. Which is on right now. Let's take a guess at who will win, shall we?
Well, my almost-12 year old has thrown herself prostrate on the floor because it was NOT the brothers, but, rather, someone I had not yet heard of... Adele. She reminds me of Alison Moyet. Oh come on, there have to be someone else out there who came to age in the 80s!

So, I guess I will pick my daughters up and drag them both off to their beds...

I hope anyone watching enjoys the rest of the show (and that Lil' Wayne keeps his pants up).

The latest on citizenship for IA kids...

OK, so maybe Jason Kenny wasn't really listening.

The latest and most comprehensive overview of how the new citizenship bill will affect children who were born outside Canada was written by Doug Chalke, exective director of Sunrise Adoption agency in BC.

The quick take-home messages:
1) kids who came into Canada via sponsorship as a family-class member and who obtained permanent resident status prior to citizenship are not impacted at all

2) kids who came into Canada (or who are yet to come) under the "direct citizenship" process WILL be subject to the restrictions of the new bill (or their kids possibly will be, if that's the way you want to look at it)

3) after the bill goes into effect in April, the only way to ensure that a foreign-born child is NOT subject to the restrictions of the new bill is to sponsor the child through the PR process vs. going the direct citizenship route.

But, don't take my word for it- read the summary here: