Monday, July 2, 2007

One of Best Friends is a-coming!

Today, one of my best friends ever is coming for a visit- her name is Libby. Her flight arrives right after lunch.

SO, it being a work holiday and all, I'm putting about, tidying a bit... but she's one of those friends that I NEVER get in a panic about having the house spotless for... she knows how hectic our lives are and she didn't come to visit the house, she's here to spend some time with us. I think that's a sign of true friendship- when you can let down your guard and know you'll be accepted no matter what.

I feel very blessed to have a friend like Libby- she's the type of woman I want my daughters to absorb in their every pore!

So, if I'm lax on posting for a few days, you'll know why.


walternatives said...

Here here for friends like Libby - the-no-worries-and-each-moment-is-a-treasaure buddies. Have a great time, girlfriends!

Roy and Lori said...

Have a wonderful time
visiting with Libby!

Tracey & Mike said...

Have a great time with Libby!

redmaryjanes said...

Have a wonderful time with your friend and post some pictures!!

Ms. Dragonfly said...

Best friends rock. Enjoy.

crazylady said...

You couldn't be referring to NL Libby, MY Libby? Ask her if she knows 'crazylady'???? I need to see her in pics with you!!!!!!!
Oh I am SO JEALOUS if it's one in the same!