Tuesday, December 26, 2006

More on China's New "Rules"

Anyone who reads adoption blogs and websites knows there has been much consternation over the new foreign adoption regulations that China has just announced. According to some adoption agencies quoted in the press, these new guidelines (effective May 2007) will reduce the number of qualified applicants by 25-50%.

A poll posted by the "Rumour Queen" http://www.chinaadopttalk.com has been taken by almost 2000 people within the last week. Of those who voted, about 41% do not qualify to adopt a child under the new rules.

Even though this poll is what we like to call a non-random sample (made up of people interested in Chinese adoption who also participate in forums like the RQ's website), it does indicate that there will be a significant impact of these new regulations on the lives of many people. But it remains to be seen whether the new rules will reduce the number of China adoption applications significantly- at least in the long term, once the dust has settled over the next year or so.

To make things more interesting, Chinese officials have recently been quoted in the China Daily (http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2006-12/25/content_766420.htm) describing the new rules as temporary, and stating that they are not meant to prohibit "less qualified applicants" from adopting, but will give priority to the "more qualified".

So, who knows what the story will be in a year from now? In international adoption, things can change on a dime. But the new regulations have made for a bittersweet holiday season for a lot of people, it seems.

Oh, if you are interested in seeing the new regulations as posted by the Rumour Queen, go here: http://chinaadopttalk.com/2006/12/22/official-ccaa-statement/


a&mg said...

I know, I hate this new uncertainty with the new rules. Makes the anxiety during the wait go up even more!!

Carolyn said...

Yep... it really is the uncertainty that is the hardest to deal with.