Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Catch Up

Has it really been a week since I last posted? Wow. Time sure flies when you're having fun.

I'm not as perturbed by Winnie the Pooh or Thomas the Tank this week. I do think it is rotten that the icons of today's childhood are so overly-commercialized. Someone has to be getting very rich at the fantastic job that marketers and advertisers are doing selling "stuff" to our kids. I mean, is there really any need for "Lightening McQueen" cookies? Sigh.

Did I mention that DX and I just returned from Toys-R-Us? Not my favorite store.

But we went there to get a new carseat for our...... wait for it....... MINIVAN! Yep, after almost 2 months of looking, comparing things like safety ratings and price, we finally did it. Traded the Civic in for a Honda Odyssey. We almost bought a GM van. But I balked at the last minute. We're just too loyal to Honda & Toyota, I guess. But after having various makes and models of cars over the years, they've never let us down. For example, we finally waved good-bye to my husband's old Camry a few years ago when the odometer hit somewhere around 215, 000 km! And even then it didn't go to the scrap heap. A young guy who made it his hobby to tinker with old cars bought it for a few bucks.

Anyways, great story behind this van- it is "pre-owned" (I'd love a brand new one, but I can't take the monthly payments). It was the "Flower Van" of a funeral home in a nearby community. SO, it was the van that takes the floral arrangements from the funeral to the cemetary- stuff like that. At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Not quite as exciting as driving a used hearse, but there it is. (Any other fans of "Six Feet Under" out there!?!).

Well, it took me two days to write this pathetic post, and right now DX & I have to get ready for our local library Familytime group. Can't be late.

I hope I get to write on the weekend. I'll have to let you know how my first Quilting class goes on Saturday. Yes, I'm finally going to start DX's "100 Good Wishes" Quilt! And I figured having 3 hours a weekend devoted to nothing but quilting would be necessary if it's ever going to get done.

Take care, everyone.

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new girl said...

I was a Six Feet Under fan! Very glad to hear you didn't get a chartreuse hearse! I have a Civic too and am wondering how long it will be...