Thursday, October 25, 2007

Recommended Read

I have to tell you all about this cookbook, written by 2 dieticians at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. It's called "Better Food For Kids". The recipes are not fancy- just easy and wholesome. There are sections on "Snacks" and "Desserts" that you can feed your kids and feel good about. And guess what? The kids will even eat them!!! Who can resist chewy chocolate chip cookies?

I've had the book for about 2 weeks now, and have used it a lot for everything from breakfast to dinner. For younger children, there is a book called "Better Food for Babies", written by the same authors.

If you find yourself needing some new cooking ideas for the whole family, check these books out.

Gotta go put on my Family Pot Roast!


Doris & Dan said...

Sounds handy and delish!

Keep smilin!

redmaryjanes said...

I haven't heard of that book, but need ways to get the boys to eat more vegetables. I'll see if I can find it.

Tracey & Mike said...

Sounds like a great cook book - think I need to get me one!

RoLo said...

sounds good