Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Up Side of Being Down

I'm down today- home with a sort of flu-like thing. I haven't felt well since Wednesday, when I had a migraine. Then, on Friday, I started feeling the effects of a mild but annoying gastro virus that kept me busy. It's the "perfect virus" in terms of getting itself replicated, since it doesn't actually make you sick enough to keep you at home. I've been careful to try not to spread it.... lots of hand washing, copious use of cleaning products in the bathrooms, etc. But, this morning, my daughter woke up with it. Sigh. She went on to the great repository of all microbes- elementary school.

Today, I woke up with achey bones, headache, raging sore throat, so I decided to stay home, my husband took the kids to where they needed to be, and I fell back to sleep. So... now I'm up, feeling a little better, and I am SHOCKED to find out that Drew Carey is the host of The Price is Right!!! He's doing a pretty good job, too. And if I wasn't home sick, I would have never known that. I've always liked Drew Carey- he reminds me of my husband (who is more like a Drew Carey on too much caffeine).

Well, now that I've belly-ached about my belly aches, I want to show you this:

It's the quilt that I made as a birthday gift for one of my best friends in the world, Libby. I've been dying to post the pics, but I had to wait until I knew the postman delivered it to her (since I have the sneaky suspicion that she drops by here every now and then!). BTW, how do you like my new slippers? They are *so* comfy.

As far as quilts go, it's pretty simple. It's made from strips of African-inspired fabrics. The filler is a polar fleece blanket. The backing is a "ducky" flannel fabric remnant that I got for a bargain.

I machine-quilted the outline of the strips, and then I did some hand-quilitng (or maybe embroidery?) on the borders. Overall, I'm so happy with it. It's my FIRST completely finished quilt- so it will always be special, even if its not perfect ;)!

Well, time for another quick nap, I think. Hope you all fend off any germs heading your way better than I have!


Tracey & Mike said...

We're all sick here too (except Mike) - sinuses though, not tummy.
Beautiful job on the quilt!

redmaryjanes said...

I hope that you are feeling better soon!
You are very talented at quilting. I wish that I had that gift. The one you made for your friend is gorgeous.

Wendy said...

Sorry you are feeling under the weather... but on the plus side you are getting a quite house with uninterrupted TV time and much needed rest. Great quilt!!!!

CA Momma said...

Wow! I LOVE it! Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope your feeling better, and if you send your girls to school sick tell them to try to infect all the english stream teachers they can. We subs need all the help we can get. LOL!

Mommy-To-Channing said...

Beautiful quilt!!! I hope your feeling better.