Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow Day... sort of...

Well, the weather here is not so nice today. We're getting snow, with high winds and blizzard-like conditions expected before it all turns to rain. The schools were closed, so the kids are home. Campus wasn't closed, though. SO, I had a predicament: drag the kids out to my mother, go to class, try to get back home in the height of the bad weather OR make an executive decision and cancel class?

Since I'm blogging, you've probably figured out that I cancelled class.

First-time EVER. Unless the entire campus has been shut down, I have NEVER cancelled a class in 11 years. I have gone to class with mastitis and a fussy newborn being rocked in my office. I have taught class in the middle of a migraine (wow, that must have been fun for the students!). I've taught with laryngitis and stomach flu. I have driven to class and home again in the middle of more than one snowstorm.

But not today. And, amazingly, I feel no guilt at all.

A friend of mine said she started thinking differently about things the year she turned 40. Maybe that's what is going on here.

I LOVE 40!!!


redmaryjanes said...

Hi there girl! I haven't seen you in a long time, I thought that you were going to stop blogging a while back, but I see your blog looks wonderful and you are freezing just like me :)
Your son is beautiful. Happy New Year!

mommy2nikki said...

Enjoy your snow day!