Friday, January 9, 2009

Talking a little shop...

In my (a-hem) "professional" life, one of my growing research interests has been dog behaviour and cognition. I've been a dog and, for that matter, all other manner of living creature, fanatic since childhood (fact: I could identify most AKC and CKC-recognized breeds by age 11). Seeing as I get paid to study animal behaviour, it occurred to me a few years ago that maybe I should start thinking about working with domestic dogs (my research has been mostly bird-focused). Anyways, one fantastic collaborator and two graduate students later, the scienctific study of dog behaviour is starting to become a larger part of my world.

A few years ago, I ran into a book written by Jean Donaldson called "Culture Clash". I haven't met Jean irl but she is an ex-pat Canadian, she is irreverent, hilarious, and I agree with an awful lot of what she writes about dogs. Her latest book is linked below. I've not finished it yet, but it is a great read for anyone who lives with (or works with) dogs. While you are on her website, check out her Chow Buffy's blog (just too funny...)

Oh Behave! - Friday, 09 January 2009


"M" said...

Keep us updated. I love the idea of that kind of research. Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear more. I am very interested in animal behaviour as well. I am always trying to figure out why they cats do what they do, and why they behave toward each other like they do. Actually all behaviour interests me, even people, I just find them harder to figure out. I loved psychology when I was in MUN.

I just love your new blog layout. Where do you get them and how do you change them?

Carolyn said...

Here's the link to the website where you can these "shells" (but I checked this morning and its temporarily down):

The best thing is that its not really a web shell- it is added as a page element and is really easy to change!

alicia norrris said...

Sounds very interesting! I have a dog with behavioural probelms!