Saturday, June 6, 2009

June in Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month

OK- so let me be clear from the start: adopting a pet is NOT the same thing as adopting a child.

IMO, using the word "adoption" to describe the process of getting a pet and bringing it into your family in no way diminishes the term as it is used to describe the process of bringing a child into your life. The processes are vastly different, but they both mean that you are making a long-term commitment to another living being. The commitment made to a cat or dog and the commitment made to a child are obviously not in the same league at all! So, as an adoptive mom and as someone who has also "adopted" pets, I will use the word in both ways, without apology. (But I am sorry if I sound touchy!)

Now that's out of the way, June is adopt-a-cat month in Canada and the US. So, spread the word... there are thousands of cats and kittens in shelters all across North America just waiting for someone to find them and bring them home.

Check out the story of my cats here:

While you're there, submit a photo of your favorite feline! And if you don't have a cat in your life, you might want to consider the possibility...
As someone who lives with and loves both cats and dogs, I have to say that dogs are wonderful and rewarding, but they involve considerable work. (Actually, I always say that raising a puppy is more intense than raising a baby!)
Cats, on the other hand, are purr-fect pure pleasure.

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"M" said...

Can't wait for A to turn 4, as we will be adopting a cat or two. I so miss having cats in my life. Thanks for putting in a plug for them all.