Saturday, January 30, 2010

I made a YouTube video!

OK- so its not rocket science, but its the first time I've tried to put anything on YouTube.

This is a video clip taken by one of my students, showing me and my long-time field buddy and friend doing something we love; seabird field work on a rocky island in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean.

We catch the murres as part of a long-term, on-going research program to investigate factors that influence their reproductive success. After capture, the birds are banded, they are weighed and measured, and then we take a blood sample from them for DNA and hormonal analyses. They're set free after that, and it usually takes only a few minutes before they show up at their nest site on the rocky ledges. I'm sure its not all that much fun for the individual birds while they're being handled, but no one seems worse-off because of it. We've been catching murres for over 10 years now, and have long-term data on murres that we've come to know well over the years- lucky for us, murres use the same nest site every year.

There is no sound, because we wanted a clip to show in presentations and talk over. If you'd like to hear Common Murres, and what it sounds like to work in a seabird colony, click HERE. You'll be able to download a podcast from with recordings of murres from Tatoosh Island, off the coast of Washington state, USA.

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familydayz said...

Wow, look at you all technologically savy now! :-) I liked how inconspicuous you were to the colony. They never even noticed that you had borrowed one of their own for a few minutes!

Hope all is well. Say hello to everyone for us.

Dave & Flo