Saturday, January 9, 2010

Republic of Doyle! Part 2

So, did you see it? NO!?! That's OK- you can watch the first episode online here.

What do you think?

I thought this: very entertaining, St. John's looks fantastic (what day last summer did they take those panoramics!?!), Sean McGinley needs a little more work on the townie accent (otherwise he's awesome), the interaction between Jake and the lady constable was too predictable, who knew Sean Majumder can actually keep a straight face?, the sets were really great, and this show has a lot of potential. OK....I have to say that Allan Hawco as Jake Doyle is pretty hot in a way that most women hate to acknowledge ;)

I'd like to know what non-Newfoundlanders think about it. I haven't looked for any CFA reviews yet. But it seems to me that this is NOT the kind of Newfoundland show that caters mainly to the sensibilities of people who come from here, unlike some others have in recent years. SO, I'm hoping it has broad appeal across the country. Time will tell, I guess.

Good work, people! I, for one, will be rushing the kids to bed and tuning in next Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

I liked it, and will be watching next week for sure.
I loved the shots of St John's, they looked beautiful. If I wasn't from here I would want to come.

Anonymous said...

As a "gone away" (opposed to a CFA) I think the show was excellent. I'd agree with you on the relationship between Jake and the constable. In fact, I wasn't sure on her for that role to be honest. It seemed unlikely and cumbersome. But the show itself should be a hit with many non-Newfoundlanders. Time will tell. And I too will be tuning in on Wednesday!

Hope all is well.

Wendy said...

I will have to watch it online. Sounds interesting.
Have a wonderful Day