Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Nice Video

A link to this video was on the LWB blog today- and I just had to post it here in case anyone reading has missed it.

It's the short story of a family in the US who adopted two children from China. The second child is a boy, who the Thorntons found on a Waiting Child list. What is so wonderful about the video is that they talk so candidly about being fearful about how other people will react to their child's visible need, and then talk about how, after being home for a year, their son is really THEIR SON!

Their experience echoes so much with us- both the fears and the joys. This is our first Christmas with DX, and watching him yesterday opening his presents, I suddenly realized that he is in every way imaginable truly our child. The next time someone asks me if the girls are "your own?", I think I'll say... "Yes, and our son is our own in every way you can imagine." The fact that we don't share genes just does not matter. Not one bit. But most of you who are reading this already know all about that. Watch the video anyways!

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CA Momma said...

I DID miss it. Thanks for the link.