Saturday, January 12, 2008

"I'm sorry, there's nobody here by that name..."

This has not been the best of weeks.

I started back to work, and once DX was over a case of the croup, he went to preschool. Not too happily, either, I might add.

I am also really feeling so sad for the irl friends and bloggy friends who have just had some major confirmation that they will be waiting for their little girl from China for another year, or two... or three. It's such a downer.

I kept DX awake a little bit later than usual last night, in the hopes that he'd sleep in an extra few minutes this morning. Well, that worked out well. Not.

So, I got up with him early and was generally in a cranky mood all morning. I finally decided I needed to snap myself out of it, so I told dh that I was going to take a shower. He had the con.

Five minutes of solitude was about all I managed. First, my 8 year-old had some burning questions to shout through the bathroom door. That tipped off 3 year-old DX to where I was. So, for the next 10 minutes I listened to a little fist pounding on the door, calling "Mom. Mom. Mom." No tears or stress or anything like that. Just the incessant "Mom".

"I'm sorry, there's nobody here by that name."

At one point his father clued in and tried to remove him. Unsuccessfully.

When I finally emerged, you'd think he hadn't seen me in days! "MOM!!" ... how can you really stay mad at that? You can't. He's too cute. But still, Mom needs a little space sometimes, too, buddy... (yes, transitions are hard for everyone...)

Did I mention his new favorite word? Next to "Mom", that is:


CA Momma said...

I don't think I can remember a time being in the bathroom without that knock on the door.

Its even worse now that they know how to unlock the door from the outside.

Doreen said...

You guys get to shut the door when you go into the bathrrom??? Usually I am being followed so closely that if I change direction too quickly I knock someone over.

Tracey & Mike said...

I get bathroom privacy maybe 50% of the time (if I'm quiet and tiptoe in!)

redmaryjanes said...

Sounds EXACTLY like our 3 year old Eli. If you can find a way to have 2 minutes to yourself unless he's in bed...please share!

Wendy said...

I remember with our first having to put him in his jolly jumper in the door of the bathroom just so I could get clean for the day. I can't beleive the wait these couples are having. How long have most of them waiting already....

FDChief said...

How 'bout "I want THAT!" (spoken about some idiotic toy he will pl with once and then forget) followed by buckets of tears when informed that he won't get "THAT".

Sigh. Four. It's hard.