Monday, January 21, 2008

Shake it to the left...

Baby got a new groove, and so does Mama... DX in preschool, and me back at work.

He LOVES it!! After a bit of a rough start, he has adjusted amazingly quickly- this is only the beginning of his second full week. Today, he look concerned as I left, but then went on in his room with his teacher, and waved bye. Unbelievable to me- the parent of a child (now 8) who cried every day at preschool... and kept on doing so until the middle of Kindergarten!

The preschool teachers think he's the cat's meow. He's just a friendly, happy little dude, and acts as if he's been there forever. (We are so lucky to have this kid in our lives!!)

Well, right now he's throwing blocks across the living room, so I better go. Hey, I never said he was perfect!


FDChief said...

As a dad, let me put in a good word for throwing blocks. I tell my son that if he can learn to throw well enough to get a full ride to Stanford on a baseball scholarship..?

Toss away, my lad!

redmaryjanes said...

Sounds just like my Eli. He enjoys playing with other children in his daycare. He runs around all day playing and gets to be outside. Then I pick him up and he's ready for dinner and some evening relaxation with the family. He really needs that run around time during the day or he's a wild man at night.