Sunday, January 6, 2008

One more project done

This is the Harry Potter 'Gryffindor' scarf that I started back in July, when all the hype about the 7th book was happening. (Yes, we pre-ordered our copy and I took the girls to Chapters at midnight to pick it up!) I sewed on the tassels this morning. My 10 year-old is wearing it around the house. Of course, it goes with no winter jacket or coat she owns, so how much she'll actually wear it is doubtful! But its kinda cute, don't you think?
Hmm... is 39 too old to wear a Harry Potter scarf? ;)
Now, all I have left to finish up is a pair of knitted socks and a sweater for my 3-year old neice. The socks were started for my other daughter about 2 years ago, and the sweater was begun with my now 7 year-old neice in mind. What can I say? I'm slow... but things eventually do get done. My knitting and sewing projects seem to have their own time scale... not quite 'geologic', but maybe close!


Wendy said...

Honestly you are so good at making things.... I envy you for that.

Tracey & Mike said...

When do you find the time?!
I can't wait 'til our girls are old enough for Harry Potter. We plan on reading them outloud together.

The luckiest mommy in the world said...

OMG Carolyn, do you sell your stuff? I would soooooo die to have a cable knitt sweater and having someone do it from downhome would just make me feel all peachy warm inside. I'd pay you whatever you think is appropriate (and don't cut yourself short)

Cavatica said...

Too old to wear the Harry Potter scarf? Nah! Go for it!!!