Sunday, November 1, 2009

What a Fall!

It's been one hectic fall so far.

I've had a big project at work, my youngest child started half-day Kindergarten, we've all had the H1N1 flu (except dh), and my father-in-law passed away rather suddenly last weekend.

But, such is life, right?

I've still had some time to knit my sister a sweater for her 40th birthday, though. And the kids all had costumes to wear for trick-or-treating last night (NOT hand-made, mind you!).

I think I'll focus on the positive, and hope that as fall moves closer and closer into winter, we'll be wrapped in family warmth and love, able to brave the cold and snow as we wait for spring sunshine to come again.


Cavatica said...

Holy moly, that sweater is gorgeous!!!

Wendy said...

Sorry you your fall as started off so ruff... I am sure the winter will be soo much better for you...

Enjoy your evening