Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Alberta Backs Down!

Alberta Children's Services has stated that their decision of almost 2 weeks ago to consider children in China's Waiting Child Program as "medically fragile" and to halt the acceptance of their referrals was only a "misunderstanding"!

So, about 20 Albertan families spent a week believing that their dossiers were suspended, and that they might have to consider other adoption options, since they were warned that this suspension could last indefinitely.

Some "misunderstanding".

In the interim, phone calls were made, e-mails and letters began to flow into the Minister, and guess what? When the media called the ACS asking for a comment, they denied that any files or referrals had been suspended. A day or so later, the families were contacted and the "misunderstanding" scenario was given. I am not sure if an apology was offered with it or not.

So... the bright side of things is that these families can expect to have no further problems with their provincial adoption authority with respect to adopting a child with minor and/or correctable medical needs. This is also a great example of how stupid bureaucratic decisions can be influenced by a little public pressure...

Oh yes, the "pen" is a powerful tool. And so is the internet. Many, many thanks to people from all over North America who took the time to answer our call for help and who wrote or e-mailed in support!!! We couldn't have done it without you.


wzgirl said...

Great job, Carolyn!!

redmaryjanes said...

I am so glad to hear this Carolyn. I did a post on my blog directing Canadian Parents adopting from China to your information.

randy & cara said...

For those who haven't written yet, or just discovered this I encourage you to write a letter thanking them for "clearing things up" *BUT* also state that the value of these precious lives are no less valuable because they are "medically fragile" and urge them to keep broad doors open so these precious ones can have fuller and complete lives through adoptions with programs like the waiting child program.

The fact this group even considered doing this is a sad, sad thing and it would not hurt to keep reminding them of the fact, it was a dumb idea that the did to start with.


Mamacita said...

Way to go! I'm so glad the campaign to change their minds worked!

Norma said...

Someone underestimated the power of the Yahoo group, blog, etc! :)