Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Blog Burnout?

Lots of exciting things have been going on here, since we've been able to send our LOI for our son, but I'm also really trying to put a push on at work to try to get ahead of things a little before I get to take parental leave. Which is taking away from my blogging time! Also, I think I'm experiencing "blog burnout"- after only about 3 or 4 months- how pathetic.

When I started this blog it was as an outlet for some of my pent-up creative energy, and to keep a record of sorts concerning our adoption experience. Right now, my creative energy is being used up by my professional writing (boring-ish journal articles), and what I have left should be going into my scrapbooking or my 100 Good Wishes Quilt, but that isn't happening either! Anyone else experience this kind of creative dry spell?

For those of you who want to follow a local family that is in China right now, check out the blog "Journey to Maggie" on the left. Lisa & Brent have had Maggie for 3 days now, and is she ever a sweetie!! They are one of the 5 families from our area that have been able to travel together to get their daughters- all of whom are from the same orphanage in Hunan.

I'll try to keep up the blog with at least a post per week... but, baby, I'm feeling the burn, just like the motorcycle man!


a&mg said...

I felt it a bit. I was trying to decide if I should go password protect (which I did) or just stop the blog, but my hubby convinced me that I should keep doing it because he knew I liked it. So for now, I am still at it.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Carolyn!
Congrats on your gorgeous son! So so so exciting! You must be buzzing with plans! I can relate to blog burn out, it's the reason I'm finding it hard to return to blogging after my pc crashed. I will read along on your journey, hopefully even from China!

new girl said...

I tend to go in phases. Lately I have something to say everyday. Sometimes I have to push myself for one post a week. It has a lot to do with what else is going on in my life.

Since this blog is for you, I say just go with the flow whether you just need to take some time off, post infrequently or whatever.

I will definitely check out the site of the adopters from your area!

redmaryjanes said...

You post whenever you feel the need. I'll keep checking on you. You have a lot on your mind right now. Big Hug!