Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quick! Do Something!

I know from my blog statistics that there are quite a few people who lurk without commenting on the blog- which I do on other people's blogs as well. But, I'm hoping that some of you will de-lurk long enough to respond to the situation in Alberta, Canada.

I've posted about it below, in "An Ill Wind Blowing". Briefly, Alberta Children's Services has decided to place a halt on referrals for all children being adopted internationally who have medical needs. They, in fact, have prejudicially used the term "medically fragile" to describe these children in a post on their website on March 9. Interestingly, that post (under "What's New") has been removed- in anticipation, perhaps, of a public backlash?

At any rate, their underlying rationale for refusing the referrals of children with medical needs appears to be concern for the provincial health care resources that these kids will use! Because we all know how poor and underfunded Alberta's healthcare system is. NOT!!!! (For those of you not Canadian, Alberta is our oil-rich province which is wealthier by far than most other provinces in Canada.) So, there is some irony that this is happening there of all places.

We (Canadian Waiting Children families) are trying to mount a response to what we believe is an ill-conceived and discriminatory action, starting with a letter-writing campaign. It would be fantastic if you could help us, by sending a letter to the Minister of Alberta Children's Services, The Honourable Janis Tarchuk at:

#228 Legislature Building
10800 - 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
Canada T5K 2B6

Or by e-mailing her at: banff.cochrane @ (remove spaces)

If you can, please cc your e-mail to Children's Services at:
cs.communications @ (remove spaces)

Here is a quote that the keynote speaker at a recent conference on "Women in Academia" offered for inspiration (if anyone knows who originally said it, I'd be very happy for you to tell me!):

"Small insurrections multiplied by many participants make change happen..."



randy & cara said...

I am trying to find where this was offically reported. I have a TON of folks ready to let their voice be heard, but I need to see officailness of this nonsense. Please contact me, etc with any info on this!

redmaryjanes said...

Hi there! I know that Elizabeth at 'The Dragonfly and Ladybug' is worried about this too.

LIZ said...

I am on my way to China hopefully mid April to adopt my special needs child...I found this announcement just outrageous! I certainly will be letting my opinions be known to the powers that be!