Monday, May 21, 2007

I didn't mean to disable the Comments!

I don't know how/why you can't comment on the post below. Maybe if you have any comments on that one you can leave them here! (If the comments work for this post-lol!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I also have heard Watoto and have hosted children from Watoto in our home twice. I am Protestant and I wholeheartedly support the care of these children and the teachings they receive from the Bible. I have friends who go yearly to build homes for Watoto and these same friends are now in the process of adopting 2 little boys from Uganda (a private adoption, I believe). However, Holt International is beginning adoption in Uganda. I met various Ugandan officials at the Holt International 50th Anniversary Conference in Eugene, OR in October 2006. It is exciting to see the advent of Ugandan international adoption. However, the conference did focus on the importance of adoption of children within their country of birth. Since so many are dying of aids in African countries, this does seem to limit that possibility.
I am an adoptive parent of 2 Chinese girls. One who was a NSN referral (but she does actually have a special need) and another older, waiting child with multiple special needs.
Thank you for posting on Watoto and seeing the good that the ministry is doing for the children. How blessed they are to be cared for and also be given the hope for an eternal home in heaven.