Thursday, September 6, 2007

Our Busy Day

Yesterday, we spent most of the day at our local children's hospital, seeing some of the members of the Cleft Team- social worker, speech pathologist, pediatrician, pediatric dentist, and plastic surgeon. We go back in 2 weeks time to see the ENT specialist, audiologist, and psychologist. Two weeks after that, we'll see the surgeon again and get a date for surgery. It was a busy day but, without exception, everyone we saw was fantastic- and our little guy was very patient and cooperative. He only cried once- at the end of the day when he had to get his blood drawn.

Apart from our surgeon, who has done cleft missions in China, most of the team had not seen a 3 year old with an unrepaired palate. Here, they complete the palate surgery before the child is 18 months old. I think they were surprised by his robustness and his functioning in both communication and eating. And everyone thought his lip repair, done in China, was excellent!

After we left the hospital, there was enough time to check out a couple of minivans. A friend of mine once warned "The 3rd kid comes with a van.". Seems he was right. All I'll need now is a "Soccer Mom" bumper sticker!


Wendy said...

Holy cow that's a lot of appointments... Poor little guy!!!

Sherri & John said...

He sounds like a little trooper. I bet he'll breeze through it all.
I saw you at the GBS concert Saturday night, I wanted to say hi but didn't get the chance. Hopefully next time. I would love to meet your little ones.

Joce said...

NOOOOOOOO not a mini van!! No one told me that the third child comes with a mini van!!

I am glad to see your little man is doing well. I love seeing your updates.

redmaryjanes said...

I drive a Yukon, but most Mom's I know drive the minivan. The 3rd child makes putting them in one bench too cramped and you have to move up to something bigger.
I'm glad that things are looking good for her surgery! He sure is cute.

Ms. Dragonfly said...

So busy with appts, glad your little man has lots of parience. And for the minivan, I swore up and down I would never own one, but then my brother moved out of the country and gave us his. Default. Sigh.
Got to admit though, it's easier than a car with the kidlets.
How is the whole family adapting?

Tracey & Mike said...

Good to hear little mr.d did so well at the hospital! Now if we could only get in to see the ENT (we're told it could take 6 months!)
I had to submit to the minivan after only 1 kid! We bought a Sienna. Love it! Mike calls it the "sports van". Doesn't make us feel so soccer momish.

Avery's Mom & Dad said...

glad he is doing well, and sounds like your trip to the doctor went very well. That is a lot of doctors to meet with in one head would have been spinning.

I loved my Mini van when I had it, kids love it as they can get in and out all by themselves.