Friday, January 5, 2007


Meet "Tomard L'hommard"- sitting on a cannon in Signal Hill National Historic Park- the site where, in 1901, Gugliemo Marconi received the first transatlantic radio signal (or so he believed!). Yes, those were the days before all this blogging and instant mobile communication. Can you even imagine? I wonder what Marconi would think about the Blackberry!?!

"Tomard L'hommard" visited with us and the other kids in my daughters Grade 1 class a few years ago- he was sent from a French school in New Brunswick (Vive l'Acadie!)- our school sent them Marty the Endangered Pine Marten, I believe (or maybe it was a baby seal... no, that doesn't sound right...).

So, Tomard will be my alter ego for a while at least... and I thought I'd create this post just in case anyone was wondering.

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