Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Looking for a good book?

Here's one: The Song of Kahunsha by Anosh Irani (2006, Anchor Canada). It's one of those books that gives most of its readers a radically different perspective on life in general. A 10-year-old orphan, Chamdi, discovers the real face of the city he's always imagined...Bombay.
(In this book, the orphans look like the lucky ones.)

Another one of my favorites is Sweetness in the Belly by Camilla Gibb (2005, Doubleday Canada). Another orphaned child comes of age in a culture that is not sure it accepts her. This book, set in Ethiopia and the UK, has it all- suspence, romance, drama, it wrestles with issues of culture, race, religion... it's a keeper!

I'd love to hear suggestions from other people...

Also, here's an interesting link: (thanks to Kim DW for posting it). It's a just-launched PBS website that promises to bring the inner life of China out in the open through interviews with government officials and citizens... but there's no hint yet of when the documentary itself will be aired on TV. I guess we'll stay tuned for that one (don't you just *so* love PBS?).

I'm looking forward to the next couple of days when nsn referrals should arrive for families with LIDs (log-in dates) through September 2005 (the big question is when in Sept the cut-off date is...). It must be a nerve-wracking time to know you are so close to finally seeing your child's face! Best of luck to everyone waiting!!

We might know something more about timing after January 8th (once our agency's director returns from China).... or not. Those of us who are "partial DTC" in December are hoping to know something more about when we'll get our "child proposals"... they might come with the next WC list that is expected this month... but maybe they won't... it's interesting being completely ignorant about this... the fact that what happens next is completely out of our control is actually a bit liberating... when it doesn't drive you nuts.

I better get to work. I'm sure I have voice mail from a few unhappy students to answer (when you teach Intro Psych to almost 1200, there has to be a few who don't do so well!).


a&mg said...

I didn't know if I should answer you on my comments or yours--:) I don't mind at all if you link my site. I have you linked as well--is that alright??

Anonymous said...

Carolyn (too lazy to log in)
Good luck with the dog names!

Debbie & Kirk said...

Hi Carolyn,

You teach psych - maybe you should travel with me to help the rest of the group out with my


Carolyn said...

You know what? You remind me so much of my sister- whose name is also Debbie (Debra, actually)!

It's great for you to have all that hyper energy- you'll need it when you get home with Olivia! How many are in your travel group, btw? It's big, isn't it?

redmaryjanes said...

Thank you for your comments regarding our new blog. We were thrilled to see your post. Please feel free to link us to your blog. I will link you as well when we learn how to do it.

Cari said...

Hi there --
Just came across your blog (saw the link on the FOI site). Thanks for the cool links!!
Let's hope for good things in this coming year.