Thursday, March 13, 2008

A nice break...

We're having another storm day. Expecting 20-50 cm snow, followed by 20 mm rain. I think we're getting freezing rain right now.

This time, I'm not facing the snow shovelling solo, so I'm happy that we all get to stay home together and have a nice break from the often crazy routine that is our life!

Already today, I've been able to do a little bit of the work that I get paid for this morning... so I'm pleased about that. It was some data analysis on the effects of bird egg lay order on chick development that I had prematurely written off as containing nothing interesting. After a closer look, it seems there are things in the data that are sort of cool. My student who has been working on this project is going to be very happy, I think.

And, as a bonus, I was able to do a small bit of sewing while dh and the girls slept in late. Once DX was set up with a Go Diego Go DVD, I made some small patchwork squares. I had help from our quilting cat, of course. She's so cute, except when I've lined up my material just right to cut with my rotary blade and swipe!, kitty wants to play with it all. I had the camera next to me, so I had to take this picture of her ( she is lying in my bag of scrap material).

DH is going outside to get the snowblower going. I might haul out the sewing machine again for a few minutes. Tracey, what a great idea about making different squares to use in an Easter quilt. I'll have to see if I can find some similar paper-piecing pattern (or maybe I can make one!!). It might be done by next Easter!


amy said...

thats a lot of snow!

Love the picture

"M" said...

Hasn't this winter just been a killer? Glad you are making the best of it. Love the kitty, by the way.

redmaryjanes said...

I wish that I could snow, but it's just not one of my talents. You have a beautiful cat!