Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This Little Piggie...

The rag quilt I started last month is done.

Here it is:

It's crib size, and turned out OK, I think. I'll donate it to the upcoming auction and we'll see if the preschool gets a few dollars for it. For anyone who likes the "shabby" look of rag quilts and wants to try their hand at quilting, I highly recommend starting with one of these. It was quick and painless- cutting the squares was the biggest chore, and even that didn't have to be too exact. It seems that rag quilts are very forgiving- and very cozy with that flannel backing! Google for some patterns, and you'll find plenty.

I'm going to package it for the auction with this guy (purchased, not handmade):

Ain't he cute? Now, if we can just keep our flu germs off it all!!


Wendy said...

simply wonderful !!! your telents amaze me.

Take Care

walternatives said...

Rag quilts? Now I'm intrigued. I've bought several old shirts at thrift stores, thinking I should be making a patchwork something from them - my first major sewing attempt. Rag quilts - I'm off now to google them. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Your making me sad with your posts:(