Monday, March 31, 2008


...or UnFinished Objects, as they seem to call them in the craft bloggy world.

Here's the latest one, 2 years since I knit the first stitch, finally finished yesterday on a snowy Sunday afternoon:
Umm... it's not exactly how I imagined it would turn out. I attempted to merge a great Rowan pattern with one I found in a knitting magazine. The result is a little, let's say, unusual. I had DX model it (over much protestation on his part, I might add!), and he reminded me of a little furry-backed mammal. See for yourself:

I definitely should have stopped the fuzzy stripes earlier- at the third one from the bottom, I think, to line up with the sleeves.

I'm pleased with how the front turned out, though.

My 3 year-old niece who will be getting it in the mail soon is a pink fanatic, so I think she'll at least like looking at it. I'm not sure how much she'll enjoy wearing it (those fuzzy bits could tickle)! But I have the satisfaction of seeing it finally "done", and I've learned a little in the process. That's what it's all about, right?

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Wendy said...

I love it!!! It's very Vogue...