Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ah...long weekends

I'm on my second cup of tea, the chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs have been made and devoured by little mouths, the dogs are fed, and I've already had a first pass at blog visits and Yahoo group reading... can it really get any better than this??

My "China Scrapbook" is calling me, I think... but so are the dirty floors and the litterpans in the basement... so, once I rouse myself enough to finish at least one of those jobs, I might just have to do some scrapbooking today.

I visited a few websites this morning and was inspired to be crafty. I also have started thinking about Daniel's 100 Good Wishes Quilt again. Most of his good wishes are scrapbooked, but not all. Maybe that's what I'll do today. Now, as for his quilt... let's just say that I live in hope that he'll be cuddling under it sometime during the winter... (or maybe that should read "he'll be cuddling under it during some winter" - LOL!).


tundrachica said...

Just lurking and thought I would say hello. Are you located in New Foundland...did I read that right?

Carolyn said...

Sure are! And if there is ever any doubt, I just stick my head out the window.
We're near double digits today, though- LOL!

wzgirl said...

yummmm - choc chip pancakes? YUMMMM!