Friday, June 8, 2007


There are times when I count my lucky stars that I live where I do.

Often, this happens when I'm able to stand on a cliff in the salty morning air, look out into the ocean, and feel a connection to Nature that transcends time.

Then, I can jump back in the car and be at work in 10 minutes. Rare, huh?

This one is a small iceberg. But majestic nevertheless. Isn't it interesting that "majestic" is a word so often used to describe icebergs? I think it is because they simply radiate alarming purity and starkness. Nature unplugged.

Makes me shiver- and not just from the cold.


Doris & Dan said...

All I saw going to work today was a groundhog.

Cool stuff!

Keep smilin!

walternatives said...

Call me jealous with this one, being 10 minutes from such vistas. It's so heartening to read that you count your lucky stars to live where you do; I would, too! Thank you for sharing the photos.

Doreen said...

What awesome shots! You have me beat there, I cannot say I have ever seen an iceberg float by on this coast.

Ms. Dragonfly said...

But isn't it June? Is it still cold over there?
I noticed that you redecorated. Smokin'!

a&mg said...

I agree--the site of an iceberg is so amazing. We can't wait to head back to iceberg land.

cavatica said...


wzgirl said...

That is beautiful. One of my fave colors is Iceberg Blue. Gorgeous.

crazylady said...

Doesn't look a thing like lettuce.
I prefer your this kind