Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Turtle

This is Wilson, our pet turtle. He is a 9 year old Red-eared Slider. The pictures are from when we first got him, almost 3 years ago- but he hasn't changed much!!

He came from a local humane society. I am active in that world, so when I was asked if I knew anyone who wanted a turtle, we decided to take him. Ostensively, he was free... but his tank and the super-dooper filter that he needs cost over $400! My husband gets a lot of mileage out of the "free turtle cost $400" story.

Let me say right now that I don't recommend turtles as a pet... UNLESS you are:
1) willing to shell out (get it?) the money for an adequate-sized tank,
2) able to get a really good filter for that tank- otherwise, the tank will really smell,
3) happy to have this critter in your home for, oh, about 30 years! Yes, they can live that long, if they are taken care of properly.

If you can do all that, turtles are neat to have around... we see him kind of like a living "water feature" in our front room- and he's certainly a conversation-starter. Plus, he doesn't bark, doesn't shed on the floor, and doesn't really eat a whole lot!

IF anyone reading this ever does decide to get a turtle, please check with your local SPCA or other animal shelters first. There is a continuous problem with people purchasing Red-eared Sliders and other exotic pet turtles and then thinking that they can "release" them to the nearest pond once they get tired of them. This is REALLY a BAD, BAD idea- introducing a non-native species into a pond system can mean very bad news for the other wildlife native to that system. SO, sometimes they get rescued. And, rescued animals are just fine, thank-you very much!


redmaryjanes said...

We have saltwater crabs. Pets are definitely an adventure!

cavatica said...

Wilson's a beaut! Didn't know you could find turtles at animal shelters, but I guess it makes sense.

Ms. Dragonfly said...

I too am a hige SPCA fan. All our cats came from shelters. Our dog was a breeder though.
Anywas I love Wilson. And I agree you can get many intersting pets from the SPCA, not just cats and dogs.
My husband gets much milage from our 'bird story' I got a talking singing bird at a garage sale for 20$. then bought $100 of supplies. Then passed him to a better loving home a week later. Sorry birdy, I just can't do show tunes at 5am daily.

Tracey & Mike said...

Wilson is very cool. Hope you have LOA news tomorrow!!

crazylady said...

I won't live 30 more years.
Nice specimen.

Mohamad said...

hi, see my red eared , it is 6 or 7 monunth old bat it is soo big thany your turtels . see it ...