Monday, June 11, 2007

And they call it...

... puppy lo-o-o-ove.... (I was such a big Donny Osmond fan when I was 9 years old!)

So, just to be clear: I still know nada about our LOA. It is probably sitting, unopened in its courier envelope, in a government office somewhere. At least, that's the good scenario. (I won't even think about the bad scenario.) The only two people in the whole Department who can deal with a LOA are away. But at least one should be back tomorrow, so I might have a nicer post to write tomorrow night...or a really, really rotten one.

But, I promised to tell you the love story of Louie & Lady, didn't I? So, here it goes:

We had Louie for about 2 years when my sister-in-law needed a dog-sitter for a couple of weeks while they went on a summer vacation. We were the obvious choice for this kind of favour. Since Lady was young (about a year old) and smaller than at least one of our cats, we agreed to take her.

The day this 15 lb bundle of black curls and cocka-poo wiggles arrived, Louie was smitten. They were buddies within an hour, and it soon became really obvious that Louie was a "dog's dog". Even my husband had to admit that Louie was different with her around.

But, you know what happens with all summer loves... Lady went home. I swear, if I did not know better (ahem...let's keep in mind I'm a scientist), I would say that Louie went into mourning. He moped around the house and the yard for at least 2 weeks. And, once again, even my husband had to admit that Louie was a dog in need of another dog.

Right! All we needed was to find another dog! But we wanted a specific sort of dog- not a specific breed or anything, but a dog that was younger than Louie (not a small puppy, since, by this time, we had a toddler and a preschooler), a dog that would be smaller than Louie (since I thought that might have been part of what worked so well with Lady), and a dog that would be great with our small kids. Guess what? We found one. At our municipal Humane Services shelter. And that's Oscar's story, for another day.


redmaryjanes said...

We have one pooch, a black lab named Cooper. Dogs are wonderful!

Doreen said...

Ok, we have a dog named Max, a cat named Maggie and a bird called Dudley (but mostly I call him Trouble!) We all have our fingers, toes, paws, claws etc crossed for good luck with your LOA.

Ms. Dragonfly said...

A cliffhanger of puppy love.
Ahh, a good writer keeps them hanging.
Can't wait to hear about Oscar.

walternatives said...

That Casanova with rose photo is too cute. Can't wait to hear about Oscar.

Tracey & Mike said...

Sweet story. Waiting for even sweeter news... Today?!! We are all anxiously awaiting your news!

crazylady said...

Te Quero Taco Bell.
Where is Oscar... say he's not a grouch.?

Debbie said...

Anxiously awaiting your news chick!


Dan & Kelly said...

What a cute story! We are thinking of you guys every day and can't wait to hear good news!