Saturday, June 2, 2007

Our Kitty

Introducing Binka... one of our kitties- isn't she purr-dy!?!

We've had her for almost a year now. She was born in Montreal, no less. Travelled with her Momma and 1 week-old brothers and sisters to the Burin Peninsula, NL... then found her way to us. So, she's a "CFA", as we say locally (standing for "Come-From-Away"!). Our other cat is a CFA also. More about him another day.

Since I'm really nervous about posting pics of my kids on this blog, I've decided to post our pets... should take me about a week to finish.


Libby,Dave, Holly and Christopher said...

Hi Carolyn,
It would take me a week to post all my pets as well.Mine range from my 19 year old cat Sammy to our 2 year old twin cats Eisa and Swiper. (Swiper is 22 pounds and his twin Eisa is 15 pounds). In between we have Misty (cat 14),Snoopy (dog and running partner 11),Chestnut (dog and escape artist 11),Patty (cat 9).

I am an animal lover and the kids have learned to be very kind to the pets. Both Holly and Christopher love the animals.


Anonymous said...

I love you kitty. She's sooo cute. I am such a sucker for cats and dogs. I hope to get a dog within the next year or so. Unfortunately my big guy J.J. is sick and only has at most a year left. It is so sad. I don't know what I am going to do without him.
I can't wait to see the rest of them.

Michelle said...

A beautiful Kitty she is. I'm actually from the Burin Peninsula ... small world! said...

Your kitty is purrrrrrrdy.... Gorgeous!


walternatives said...

CFA, eh? I'm curious - where did the name Binka come from? Our b/w cat has the same half-mustache, and I'm often tempted to get a big black marker and make it a WHOLE mustache. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the tribe.

crazylady said...

Kitty been into some kat grass?

Anonymous said...

Binka was the name she came with. Don't know how they came up with it at the shelter, but it was so cute, we had to keep it!!