Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Spoils of War

Today was the first day of the year that I spend some real time in the garden. Gardening is always theraputic for me. Digging in the dirt just makes me calmer. And I really needed to find some calm this weekend.

You see, of the 7 families that make up the (potential) travel group with our agency, we are the the only family who has not received any word on whether our LOA has been sent by the CCAA. As of last evening, 5 families had been contacted by their provincial authorities and told that the LOA had arrived and was waiting for them. One family, unfortunately, was told that the LOA was still at the CCAA. We're hoping that our agency can hurry that LOA along in some way, so they can travel with the group.

We, however, know nothing about our LOA's whereabouts. Our agency does not know, since the letter goes to the Province. The Province either has not seen it yet, or has not seen fit to tell us they have.

Now, I'm still thinking that maybe the courier package containing the LOA has just not arrived yet. One family out west just got contacted late yesterday afternoon because their Ministry had just received the letter then. So, there is still hope. Maybe our LOA will be opened on Monday. We can't sign it until Tuesday afternoon anyways (travelling husband), so that would be good timing. Yesterday would have been even better timing, though.

SO, I looked for some calmness in the garden- and ended up taking out my frustrations on the dandelions. I might have won a small battle against them this morning, but I know they're winning the war. And, you know what's crazy? I LOVE dandelions!

But most of our neighbours, who spend gads of money on lawn care companies, don't seem to share my joy in these wonderful yellow flowers. Especially after the pretty yellow petals have turned into equally pretty puffy seedheads that the neighbourhood children just adore picking and blowing- right onto the other lawns!

Since we're fanatically pesticide-free, we deal with the dandelions in the old fashioned way. Good ol' elbow grease. Keeps the neighbours content, and is far cheaper, for me, than a licenced therapist.

I was a little sad looking at all those flowers lying on their sides, turning brown in the sun, when, mere minutes before, they were so vibrant and spunky. Oh well. They will return. Of this I am certain.


cavatica said...

Hope you had some good dandelion-therapy and that you have good news soon!

redmaryjanes said...

I love working in my garden too. It is great therapy. I hope that you hear about your paperwork soon.

Ms. Dragonfly said...

You know what? I love dandelions too. I have always thought they look oretty, esecially en mass.
I sure hope your LOA arrives soon.

Libby,Dave, Holly and Christopher said...

Hi Carolyn,

I was also working in the garden on Saturday. I love mowing the lawn for the exercise especially when it is hot out. There is nothing better.

Carolyn,I am keeping my fingers crossed that you get a call from Ethel's office on Monday morning.I have been thinking about you and wondering if you had heard anything yet.It is very hard waiting I know but soon you will have everything in place.


Libby,Dave, Holly and Christopher said...
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wzgirl said...

I really hope that your belief that the package just hasn't been delivered - and that you find that out on Monday! Same-Same on the gardening, I was out there myself yesterday. I don't have dandilions - but I do have loads of avocado leaves to rake.