Friday, June 29, 2007

Hold the Presses! Teapot Auction!!!

Some of you know that I am involved in Ruff-Spots, a foundation which raises money and awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering as a humane method of pet population control. Well, we are having a "Celebrity Teapot Auction"!! Most of the "celebrities" are local, but some have national and even international reputations (good and bad!?!)! Anyways, check out the Press Release below, and be sure to check out the Teapot Auction at

For Immediate Release

Contact: Linda Ryan
Telephone: 782-SPAY (7729) June 29, 2007

Local & International Celebs ‘Serve Up’ Their Teapots to Fight Pet Overpopulation

Volunteers of Ruff-Spots Animal Welfare Foundation are determined to help responsible pet owners who want to spay or neuter their animals but who find themselves unable to afford the cost of the procedure. Ruff-Spots is a charitable organization committed to helping control the pet population in our communities. The group is currently taking on an aggressive fundraising campaign to raise awareness of pet overpopulation and to help establish an affordable ‘Spay/Neuter Assistance Program’ in the province called ‘SNAP NL’.

The group’s Fundraising Coordinator, Linda Ryan, recently asked local personalities to give up their teapots from their personal collections for the cause. “Prevention is key”, says Ryan. “Many good pet owners realize that ‘fixing’ their animals is the only way to reduce the number of unwanted animals. We understand that for people on a fixed income, the procedure is really expensive. People need to act responsibly when it comes to their pets. The problem is tragic, and we should all take a hard look at the sobering statistics of cats and dogs that are given up to shelters or abandoned and left to die inhumanely.” Tremendous as the problem is, Ryan says, “It can be solved if each of us takes just one small step--starting with spaying and neutering our pets!” Ryan says, “Support for the cause has been overwhelming! Business members and celebrities jumped at the chance to help in any way they could, and this is a very unique and fun way in which to do that! The problem pulls at all of our heartstrings, and we are very grateful for their caring and interest.”

As a result, an eclectic display of teapots was ‘unveiled’ at a fundraiser tea at The Tea Garden in Holyrood on the weekend. Teapots belonging to local celebrities from Andy Jones (who donated a pot used in the popular stage production ‘Letters to Uncle Val’) to Andy Wells (who doesn’t normally drink tea yet ‘christened’ a teapot selected especially for the event) generated much intrigue among the 120 guests who attended. Perhaps one of the most unique ‘pots’ in the collection is that contributed by well-known Newfoundland artist Lloyd Pretty who hand painted a tin can that he had used for many a “mug-up” at a favorite fishing spot on the west coast of the island. The oldest teapot contributed is estimated at 100 years old from the personal collection of Sheila Guy-Murphy. Undoubtedly, the most ‘well-known teapot’ is that from international singing star Rita MacNeil. Ryan visited MacNeil’s Tea Room in Big Pond, Nova Scotia two years ago. It was this visit that ‘brewed’ the idea of a tea fundraiser and teapot auction. She contacted the star who graciously sent a ‘signature’ pot from her Tea Room Collection. You can read Rita MacNeil’s letter to the group and the significance of tea in Rita’s own life on the Ruff-Spots website. The teapots are being auctioned on-line at until July 28th.

Ruff-Spots Animal Welfare Foundation was formed in 2003 by a group of just seven people. In just over four years, the foundation has grown to include a network of volunteers and has disbursed over $28,000 to animal rescue shelters and organizations throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.


You’re Invited…Would you like more information on the subject of this release, or to schedule an interview with Ruff-Spots’ volunteers ‘over tea’ featuring Rita MacNeil’s teapot?! You are welcome to contact Linda Ryan at 570-2140 (daytime) 364-8413 (evening).

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redmaryjanes said...

Good Morning Carolyn!! I still have to brew my coffee, but at least I've stopped yawning.
I believe in your cause as well and have always spayed or neutered our pets.
I hope you have a great Saturday!